Coming at you live while these baby plants are… well while they’re still alive.

If you’ve been following along you know that Spider plants don’t have a long life expectancy under my care. Which is weird because I remember growing up my mom had them for years and years and they just kind of lived and thrived and I seem to recall it being a nuisance to clip off the long springy things when they got too long and springy. What I didn’t know then that I know now is that those long springy things are, in fact, baby spider plants.

While I most certainly killed the last spider plant that came to stay with me in September of last year (and the one before that and the one before that) I managed to save a couple of the babies that were already boinging off of the plant when it first arrived. I didn’t clip them off as much as I accidentally broke them off when I was (unnecessarily) repotting the plant.

I should have taken a picture when I repotted it so you could see wound structure. At the time, doing no research, I thought the poor dear was root bound and needed to be repotted RIGHT AWAY. Some plants LOVE being snug in their pot.

What can I say? I was wrong. It turns out that spider plants are one of the types that kind of like being snug in their pot. It is, in fact, what causes them to shoot out those cute little baby plants.

The photo above is in fact the dead mama spider plant I killed late last year. And those little sticks springing off of her are the very baby sider plants you can see in that milk bottle above. I managed to keep them alive. I have remarkable luck with water propagation. Remarkable luck or it’s just so simple that even I do well with it. Let’s take a closer look at the picture from the top of the post, shall we?

That is the bitty little weeeeee root system on one of the baby spider plants that came from the late great mama spider plant I most recently failed to keep alive. That root is thriving in water but the baby spider plant is just kind of chilling out doing its thing. With the roots so clearly thriving it’s time to transplant this little dude and give it a tiny pot of its own.

And that’s where the live part comes in. I’m planning to pot this baby spider plant tomorrow and I thought… why not do that live? So tomorrow, Friday January 29 at 10am PST I’m going to go live from the My Fits & Starts Instagram account to pot this little plant and then, with the remaining 28 minutes show you some other plants sitting around my house, answer plant related questions, and chat.

If any of you show up that is.

If you want to check it out live you can follow @myfitsandstarts on Instagram.

This will be my first time going live there, and I’ve heard something about something with complications of recording it but I didn’t pay much attention at the time. So I’ll do my best to upload the content for later sharing as well, but on that I make no promises.

Top three plants most killed by Cami…

I’m not always the best with my plants. The other day as I was sitting at my desk doing some work task or another my partner pointed out that one of my plants wasn’t doing so well. And then… well. He said a thing that will make you gasp.

He asked if I just brought plants home to give them a safe place to die or if I had other ambitions for them.

I’ll give you a moment to recover from the sting of that. It probably feels like you stuck your paw in a prickly cactus. But you know, I’m sure, that sometimes we really do bring plants home just to give them a safe space to die. There are plants that no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to find a way to keep alive. I keep trying, logic be damned. Again and again I kill these poor plants and then, once again, I try.

So to kick off my renewed attempt at plant blogging I present to you the top 3 plants most killed by Cami…


The third most murdered plant, thanks to yours truly, is the Alocasia Poly, otherwise known as the African Mask Plant. I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing to kill this cutie, but I’ve had three of them. Before their ultimate demise they always sprout a gorgeous tiny new leaf or two. But then they yellow and wilt and sag and then they ultimately mold a little even though I KNOW I am not overwatering them. I seriously have no idea how but I’ve murdered three.


Sigh. I love love love a Sting of Pearls, also called Senecio Rowleyanus. They’re so precious. Somehow both cute and sophisticated at the same time. I’ve killed them large and small. I should note that this is to be expected because I really have the worst time keeping succulents alive in general. I fuss too much. I worry. I water. I move them around if I think they aren’t happy and then I wind up with string of shriveled peas. Sigh. It’s not a pretty sight. I can propagate a single string of pearls like nobody’s business though.


And the number one most murdered plant in Cami plant history… the challenging… the hard to manage… the very very delicate and rare… Spider Plant.

um… can someone check this content please. I think she said Spider Plant but those are literally impossible to kill. You can do anything to them and they thrive.

Yes. Yes I know. But my name is Cami and I kill Spider Plants. It’s shameful. But for some reason they hate me despite the fact that I love them so. Don’t believe me? In September I had this beauty delivered from a local store that sources really good plants. Every other plant they’ve ever sold me is thriving. I love them. Seriously if you’re in Portland please shop from Ecovibe... they’re the best.

I bought this gorgeous piece of plant goodness. In September. It had babies popping out of it when it got here. It was bright and beautiful and healthy. Take a peek:

Big fat bushy cutie. They brought it right to my door with several other plants that are happy and thriving and now that plant… I hesitate to even show you… But, you know. Transparency is good right? Are you sure you’re okay seeing this? It’s really bad. Grisly.

Yeah. Same plant four months later. See…. it’s real bad. It’s dead dead. Not like Dread Pirate Roberts almost done in Princess Bride. It’s like for real a dead lil plant and I killed it.

And even if I wanted to place the blame elsewhere I can’t. I can’t do that. I also can’t tell you how many spider plants I’ve had over the years. I can keep a lot of things alive for a reasonable amount of time. We once had a Betta fish that lived like way longer than its 3 year life expectancy. I think it was like twice as long. But it’s not a spider plant.

I don’t know what else to say here. It’s dead and sad. And I have to be honest and admit I’m getting ready to try again. I’ve been killing the same plant since like 1987. But try try again.

It’s like Groundhog Day and I’m Bill Murray but the only thing I have to do is keep a fucking spider plant alive and I’m still failing. It’s a work in progress and so am I.

This little post is part of my attempt to blog on weekdays for a month. You can read about that right here if you’d like…