Portland Plant Delivery: Solabee

Monday morning I was really taking my time diving into my day. My cat was fussing, I was feeling the stress of all that’s happening in our world, and I was listening to an awesome playlist shared by a woman named Naj on twitter curated on Spotify that’s based off the late James Baldwin’s record collection. I ignored a call from an unknown caller and sat down to drink some coffee and check in with friends. I also glanced at my email because it’s a habit. A bad habit. Even when it’s not a work day for me I still tend to keep one eye on my personal inbox. And thank goodness I did because there was an email from Solabee!

The awesome Olivia had tried to call me to let me know that two of the plants I ordered were actually out of stock and she wanted to know if they could swap them out with some other plants or if I would prefer a refund and just the rest of my order.

Now I don’t know about you, but to me the only thing better than getting new plants is SURPRISE new plants. So not only was I sitting here emailing back and forth getting great customer service –and over email instead of having to talk on the phone, I hate the phone– I was getting SURPRISE PLANTS.

Unfortunately one of the plants that was out of stock was the 6″ Curly Spider Plant that I ordered in an attempt to prove to myself and the world that I could keep a spider plant alive.

Perhaps this is for the best. Perhaps Solabee was being guided by the mysterious hand of the universe to keep me from killing another Spider Plant right out of the gates this year. No big deal, my other plant order is also scheduled to include a spider plant. I’ll try again. And again. And probably again.

My replacement for that plant was the gorgeous Monstera Adansonii that I wrote about earlier this week. It’s hanging where the poor sad dead spider plant was and so far it seems perfectly happy and content in the corner where it is getting plenty of indirect natural light.

Enough about plants that I may or may not kill. Let’s talk a little about Solabee, now shall we? As I briefly mentioned on Monday they seem to be a flower shop first and a plant shop second, but after a little looking into this Portland woman owned business I think I may have jumped to a conclusion there. They have two locations, one called Solabee – Flowers & Botanicals and the second called Solabee Northwest. I didn’t know about Solabee pre-pandemic so I’ve never been to their shop but they make the experience of buying plants from them pretty effortless and I really value the kindness and customer service they’ve brought to the experience.

As I mentioned above, they reached out directly, by phone and email, to resolve a problem as soon as it came up. They worked with me to make sure I would be happy with my order and were just so freaking nice in the process that I found myself delighted that the changes were happening. The order arrived on time with no further complication. The human who delivered it wore a mask, left the plants neatly at my door and knocked before wandering away. I also received an email notification that my delivery had been made.

The plants that arrived were happy and healthy and in good shape. And my favorite little touch was the notecards for each plant that arrived with the order. Not an illegible plant stake with tiny font that didn’t exactly print correctly. No hand scrawled note of what it was that I needed to try to decipher with special handwriting examination. Four neatly printed little cards, one for each plant, telling me what it is and how best to care for it.

What am I saying here? If you are in Portland and want some plants delivered by all means order from this awesome woman owned shop. I’d also highly recommend you check out their floral designs because wow. Stunning.

Want to visit their shop? 

Solabee North is located on the sunny corner of N. Albina and N. Killingsworth street. Our conservatory style shop contains a bounty of rare and unusual plants, a build-your-own terrarium station, and a collection of locally crafted wares and art. The shop also houses the Solabee floral design studio, where designers whip up inspiring bouquets daily. Walk in flower orders are welcome!

from solabeeflowers.com

My next purchase from Solabee? I don’t know. But I can tell you without a doubt that there will be a next purchase. Okay okay… if you force me to think about it I will probably get a Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma sometime soon because I’ve been wanting one for what feels like forever, and they have them. And if I order that… well I don’t want it to be a wasted trip with just the one plant so I’d be likely to also get myself a Philodendron Birkin too because just look at those stripes.

Site: https://www.solabeeflowers.com/
Twitter: @solabeeflowers
Instagram: @solabeeflowers
They have two locations:

SOLABEE – Flowers & Botanicals
801 N Killingsworth St., Portland, OR 97217
503-307-2758 | hello@solabeeflowers.com

SOLABEE – Northwest
1759 NW 24th Ave., Portland, OR 97210
503-278-9077 | nwstore@solabeeflowers.com

PS: upon further reflection I have just added like three more plants to the mental list of what I will order from them next time so I should definitely wait until next month when I have a refreshed plant budget and have finished moving the plants that are currently in my house around to make room for more leafy friends

Featured image taken from solabeeflowers.com