Portland Plant Delivery: Hammer + Vine

Last week was not the first time I ordered from Hammer + Vine. They were also the second shop I ordered from for pandemic plant delivery. But to be honest, I don’t remember much from that experience. Not because it wasn’t a good experience. It probably was. If it was a bad experience I would have remembered and then I would have been super cranky and bitchy about it.Fact of the matter is I was in the midst of deep pandemic depression and I wanted some plants to cheer me up so I wasn’t really paying attention to anything except my on anxiety and depression. The only thing I remembered about the ordering experience was that the delivery windows were a little strange. I wasn’t sure when the plants were coming, but that wasn’t problematic. I mean… it’s a global pandemic and I’m on full lock down. It’s not like I’m going somewhere. I have to admit I got confused on the delivery day again this time but, again, it didn’t matter. It’s not like the plants had a party they needed to be at or something. And Hammer + Vine was incredibly communicative when I emailed to ask about delivery, so all is well.

What am I saying here?

My plants arrived healthy and happy. The person who packed them even reached out to let me know which plants had been freshly watered and how they care for the problematic Sting of Pearls that tends to rot more than any other succulent. If you need a same day or next day plant delivery, this probably isn’t the place to order from. But if you want a lovely selection, healthy plants, great customer service, and an assortment of other fun things you can add to your order –from candles to home goods– this is a great place to shop. Also, like all the other shops I’m writing up, it’s locally owned. And they have done the work to change their business model to function in these trying times. I have so much admiration for entrepreneurs who know when to change with the times.

Want to visit the shop?

Well you can’t right now. They’re closed for in person shopping but all of their products are available for delivery or pickup. I know this might be frustrating for some who still want to shop in person, but it makes me super happy. I’m really glad to see a business being completely responsible keeping themselves and others safe and healthy while still keeping things going.

Pickup times are Tuesday & Wednesday:  1:00 PM – 4:00 PM and Friday & Saturday:  1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

My next purchase from Hammer + Vine

I was beginning to regret having added this segment to the plant shop reviews, but then I pulled open their site –which I swear I looked at just yesterday– and noticed that they’d added a bunch of new stock. My eyes went wide with delight. There are a ton of plants I would happily add to my next order (among them an adorable Hoya in a locally made planter that I just can’t get out of my head) but the thing that most caught my eye that I wish I’d ordered with my plants is this cool houseplant fertilizer. Their site also made me realize that I’m a big girl now and it might be time to buy a moisture meter for my fickle plants instead of just guessing and hoping. Also… they have bags of soil you can add on and I am running low. So… new plants more soil, win win.


2190 W Burnside St. Suite B
Portland, OR 97210 

(503) 224-9678
Intagram: @hammerandvine

PS: This is definitely one of the shops that, when everyone is vaccinated and the world regains some semblance of “normalcy” I want to visit. There’s something about it that just feels like a home away from home, even just visiting it online.

Photo by Evelyn Bertrand on Unsplash

Portland Plant Delivery: Solabee

Monday morning I was really taking my time diving into my day. My cat was fussing, I was feeling the stress of all that’s happening in our world, and I was listening to an awesome playlist shared by a woman named Naj on twitter curated on Spotify that’s based off the late James Baldwin’s record collection. I ignored a call from an unknown caller and sat down to drink some coffee and check in with friends. I also glanced at my email because it’s a habit. A bad habit. Even when it’s not a work day for me I still tend to keep one eye on my personal inbox. And thank goodness I did because there was an email from Solabee!

The awesome Olivia had tried to call me to let me know that two of the plants I ordered were actually out of stock and she wanted to know if they could swap them out with some other plants or if I would prefer a refund and just the rest of my order.

Now I don’t know about you, but to me the only thing better than getting new plants is SURPRISE new plants. So not only was I sitting here emailing back and forth getting great customer service –and over email instead of having to talk on the phone, I hate the phone– I was getting SURPRISE PLANTS.

Unfortunately one of the plants that was out of stock was the 6″ Curly Spider Plant that I ordered in an attempt to prove to myself and the world that I could keep a spider plant alive.

Perhaps this is for the best. Perhaps Solabee was being guided by the mysterious hand of the universe to keep me from killing another Spider Plant right out of the gates this year. No big deal, my other plant order is also scheduled to include a spider plant. I’ll try again. And again. And probably again.

My replacement for that plant was the gorgeous Monstera Adansonii that I wrote about earlier this week. It’s hanging where the poor sad dead spider plant was and so far it seems perfectly happy and content in the corner where it is getting plenty of indirect natural light.

Enough about plants that I may or may not kill. Let’s talk a little about Solabee, now shall we? As I briefly mentioned on Monday they seem to be a flower shop first and a plant shop second, but after a little looking into this Portland woman owned business I think I may have jumped to a conclusion there. They have two locations, one called Solabee – Flowers & Botanicals and the second called Solabee Northwest. I didn’t know about Solabee pre-pandemic so I’ve never been to their shop but they make the experience of buying plants from them pretty effortless and I really value the kindness and customer service they’ve brought to the experience.

As I mentioned above, they reached out directly, by phone and email, to resolve a problem as soon as it came up. They worked with me to make sure I would be happy with my order and were just so freaking nice in the process that I found myself delighted that the changes were happening. The order arrived on time with no further complication. The human who delivered it wore a mask, left the plants neatly at my door and knocked before wandering away. I also received an email notification that my delivery had been made.

The plants that arrived were happy and healthy and in good shape. And my favorite little touch was the notecards for each plant that arrived with the order. Not an illegible plant stake with tiny font that didn’t exactly print correctly. No hand scrawled note of what it was that I needed to try to decipher with special handwriting examination. Four neatly printed little cards, one for each plant, telling me what it is and how best to care for it.

What am I saying here? If you are in Portland and want some plants delivered by all means order from this awesome woman owned shop. I’d also highly recommend you check out their floral designs because wow. Stunning.

Want to visit their shop? 

Solabee North is located on the sunny corner of N. Albina and N. Killingsworth street. Our conservatory style shop contains a bounty of rare and unusual plants, a build-your-own terrarium station, and a collection of locally crafted wares and art. The shop also houses the Solabee floral design studio, where designers whip up inspiring bouquets daily. Walk in flower orders are welcome!

from solabeeflowers.com

My next purchase from Solabee? I don’t know. But I can tell you without a doubt that there will be a next purchase. Okay okay… if you force me to think about it I will probably get a Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma sometime soon because I’ve been wanting one for what feels like forever, and they have them. And if I order that… well I don’t want it to be a wasted trip with just the one plant so I’d be likely to also get myself a Philodendron Birkin too because just look at those stripes.

Site: https://www.solabeeflowers.com/
Twitter: @solabeeflowers
Instagram: @solabeeflowers
They have two locations:

SOLABEE – Flowers & Botanicals
801 N Killingsworth St., Portland, OR 97217
503-307-2758 | hello@solabeeflowers.com

SOLABEE – Northwest
1759 NW 24th Ave., Portland, OR 97210
503-278-9077 | nwstore@solabeeflowers.com

PS: upon further reflection I have just added like three more plants to the mental list of what I will order from them next time so I should definitely wait until next month when I have a refreshed plant budget and have finished moving the plants that are currently in my house around to make room for more leafy friends

Featured image taken from solabeeflowers.com

Portland Plant Delivery: Ecovibe

On an early December day way back before the global pandemic after a company holiday brunch I was wandering around NE Alberta Street. My partner wandered with me a while and then headed off for a meeting but I chose to stay and wander more. NE Alberta, in case you are unfamiliar, is full of some amazing food, art, and shops. I had a couple of bags in my arm containing some Christmas gifts after wandering into countless other great little places, but this one shop had caught my eye while I was walking with my partner. It caught my eye because aside from just looking soooooooooooo cool it also had plants. I could see plants from the door, plants from the windows. PLANTS PLANTS PLANTS. And also some cute home goods and gifts. I didn’t want to bore my partner to death by dragging him into a shop where I would totally ignore him for an hour while I drooled over green things.

So even though I was done with anything I needed to do I wandered back up the street to pop into this little shop I had never heard of: Ecovibe. Although it turns out I had heard about it, I just didn’t remember the name. My friend Courtney had told me all about it and I actually ran into her and her husband moments after I arrived.

I crouched down as soon as I walked in the door as there was a multi-tier cart full of cacti and succulents and I just thought they would make the cutest little stocking stuffers EVER. You know, for people who actually like plants. I didn’t pick any up because as I looked up the whole expanse of the store seemed to sparkle and my eyes got wide. WALL OF PLANTS. Fancy poofs. Tassel chandeliers. Pots. Rugs. Jewelry. Bar wear. Clever little gifts that would be perfect to stuff stockings with for my partner (who doesn’t care about plants past loving that I love something so much) and my daughter (who likes plants just fine and has some in her room but I’m supposed to take care of them for her which is totally fair) and for me because… Well there were these earrings I had to have. And then I found this clever cute little dusky pink beanie with a big pink furry pom on top that somehow magically turned into a scarf. My mind kept wandering back to those plants though. At some point a lovely woman came up to me and offered me a basket or something to hold all the little things I was clutching in my hands. Or maybe she offered to take them to the counter to free up my hands. I can’t remember. I just know that she made it possible then for me to head straight to the wall-o-plants and begin my careful selection process.

I can’t remember how many plants I got that day. But I remember I was taking Lyft home and the driver gave my box of plants side-eye as I got in. Here’s this lady with cute little shopping bags and a box full of green things and I’m sure he somehow knew I’m a bit clumsy and expected me to knock them all over in his car. I did not. But his concern was reasonable.

That was my long way of saying that Ecovibe is a wonderland of amazing carefully curated ethical products that make you feel the wonder and whimsy of the world. And on top of that they have plants. Just plants in growers pots. But also plant arrangements, terrariums, plant sculptures. Goods to care for your plants. Things to put your plants in. If your plant needs it I think they have it. Except soil. I don’t recall seeing any of that.

After that experience I wanted to know more about this cool little shop so I did some research. Which was easy because they share their story on their site

Established in 2010, EcoVibe is the collaboration of the combined visions of Leonard and Andrea Allen, aka “Len and Dre”.
ECO: Focused on the environment and sustainable, ethical practices.
VIBE: The feeling, the style, the look, the energy, and the experience.
We take time and care to consider where and how things are made, who makes them and what they are made out of. 
We support local designers, women, minority and family owned businesses and small makers and manufacturers.
We are a community-focused business that gives back to local environmental organizations through community-based events, classes and workshops.
We donate 1% of all of our online sales to local non-profit 1% For The Planet members, in order to ensure that we are always giving back to environmental causes.
We believe living a sustainable lifestyle shouldn’t be a privilege. It should be accessible to all. And it’s not just ONE THING.

from the Ecovibe about page

Not mentioned on their site, but of particular importance to me when deciding where to spend my money is that Ecovibe is both woman and Black owned.

Now we’re in the midst of a global pandemic… That changes everything from a shopping perspective. I’m not even going to the grocery store in person let alone shopping for plants in person. For any number of reasons my family is trying to do everything we can to remove ourselves from the possible infection cycle. Both to ensure we don’t get sick but also to ensure we’re not getting others sick. We’ve seriously been on lockdown since the beginning of March last year. For the first part of the year I managed to keep my need to get new plants at bay. I only ordered a plant if it happened to be available from the grocery store from which I was ordering. So… you know… I have a lot of orchids now.

But I saw at some point that Ecovibe had started doing delivery. And… I was just… OVERJOYED!

At the time I placed my order last year the site to order local delivery was a little hard to manage and I eventually had to call into the shop for help, but they were able to process everything from my existing cart and get my order set and ready to go. And they were ridiculously pleasant to deal with. Their customer service is not just good, it’s a delight. And I didn’t exactly make it easy for them. I ordered a palm (and several other plants) that is well over 6ft tall to be delivered to me across town. It was one of the owners who delivered the giant beauty and he could not have been more delightful and kind.

What am I saying here? If you are in Portland and want some plants delivered or that you can curbside pick up PLEASE GIVE THIS SHOP YOUR PLANT MONEY. It’s a mindful local business dedicated to giving back. They take awesome care of their plants. They curate the most amazing stuff and I’d like to see them stay open as long as they want to be.

Not in Portland? In this case you’re not really missing out. they don’t ship most plants but they do ship a ton of other amazing items anywhere you may be so check them out. I think you’ll love this shop as much as I do.

Want to visit their shop? They’re open 7-days a week and are limiting their store to 5 customers at a time. Masks are required.

My next purchase from Ecovibe? It will probably one of their terrarium kits or bits and pieces from their shop to build my own. I’ve never made a terrarium and it’s a goal of mine. Perhaps I’ll do a special terrarium project during my birthday vacation in March.

Site: https://ecovibestyle.com/
Address: 1906 NE Alberta Street
instagram: @ecovibestyle

PS: I checked their site, I was wrong. They even carry potting soil.

featured image from Ecovibe website

New plants incoming…

It is incredibly possible that I used this challenge of creating more content as an excuse to order more plants. And by possible I mean… Friday night while I was working on my newsletter I was thinking a lot about the plants I have killed most over the course of my plant journey and how I should try again.

So I went about the task of looking for a Spider plant, a String of Pearls, and an African Mask Plant that I could have delivered to my home. There’s a lot of things that REALLY SUCK about a global pandemic but I have to say I appreciate the ability to readily get things like food, liquor, toilet paper, and plants delivered to my door.

I did what most people would do if they wanted plants delivered to their door and googled “best plant delivery portland oregon” to see what my options were. I have a couple of go-to places but one of them is a florist, not a plant shop and I have to call and have a whole phone conversation and pick plants that way. I really wanted to just look at a site and pick some plants that I could pay for and would magically appear on my doorstep. The first selections were misleading because they were all sponsored posts, not actually recommended by anyone. Most of them didn’t even deliver plants. But then I got down to it.

Not all of my most killed plants were available from the same store. Sad right? So sad. I had to order from two different local shops. And I wanted to make sure I was making the delivery trip worth their while and the delivery charge worth my while so I threw in a few extras from each of the two shops. Which means….


But it also means I will have two plant delivery shop reviews coming up this week and some new plant care content. I already have a tip from a friend on FB on how to care for my String of Pearls that blew my mind.

But for today let me share with you a list of locally owned plant shops here in Portland, Oregon that will deliver to your door that I have ordered from.

Delivery from Sellwood Flower co.
  • Ecovibe – Plants, pots, home goods, and gifts. They deliver locally in Portland and ship some items wherever
  • Sellwood Flower Company – They’re primarily a florist, but they also have a lovely selection of plants, chocolate, champagne, and whatnot. They have some sweet plant packages available on the site but when I want plants I usually call the shop to see what they have an place an order that way.
  • Hammer and Vine – They’re open exclusively for pickup and local delivery. (Delivery coming on Wednesday, because I’m going to need some extra joy and calm that day.)
  • Solabee – They also seem to be florist first, but I would say they’ve got enough going in the plant department to be plant shop second. I’ve never been to their shop in person and I ordered from them for the first time Friday. I can’t wait to see what I get. (Delivery coming later today.)

These are, by no means, the only plant shops that deliver here in Portland. But they’re the ones I have ordered from in the past or am waiting for deliveries from, so I want to share some love. If you’re in Portland and you have a plant shop (or have a favorite plant shop you’d like to recommend) that delivers, let me know in the comments. I’d love to check them out.

Delivery from Ecovibe!