Portland Plant Delivery: Hammer + Vine

Last week was not the first time I ordered from Hammer + Vine. They were also the second shop I ordered from for pandemic plant delivery. But to be honest, I don’t remember much from that experience. Not because it wasn’t a good experience. It probably was. If it was a bad experience I would have remembered and then I would have been super cranky and bitchy about it.Fact of the matter is I was in the midst of deep pandemic depression and I wanted some plants to cheer me up so I wasn’t really paying attention to anything except my on anxiety and depression. The only thing I remembered about the ordering experience was that the delivery windows were a little strange. I wasn’t sure when the plants were coming, but that wasn’t problematic. I mean… it’s a global pandemic and I’m on full lock down. It’s not like I’m going somewhere. I have to admit I got confused on the delivery day again this time but, again, it didn’t matter. It’s not like the plants had a party they needed to be at or something. And Hammer + Vine was incredibly communicative when I emailed to ask about delivery, so all is well.

What am I saying here?

My plants arrived healthy and happy. The person who packed them even reached out to let me know which plants had been freshly watered and how they care for the problematic Sting of Pearls that tends to rot more than any other succulent. If you need a same day or next day plant delivery, this probably isn’t the place to order from. But if you want a lovely selection, healthy plants, great customer service, and an assortment of other fun things you can add to your order –from candles to home goods– this is a great place to shop. Also, like all the other shops I’m writing up, it’s locally owned. And they have done the work to change their business model to function in these trying times. I have so much admiration for entrepreneurs who know when to change with the times.

Want to visit the shop?

Well you can’t right now. They’re closed for in person shopping but all of their products are available for delivery or pickup. I know this might be frustrating for some who still want to shop in person, but it makes me super happy. I’m really glad to see a business being completely responsible keeping themselves and others safe and healthy while still keeping things going.

Pickup times are Tuesday & Wednesday:  1:00 PM – 4:00 PM and Friday & Saturday:  1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

My next purchase from Hammer + Vine

I was beginning to regret having added this segment to the plant shop reviews, but then I pulled open their site –which I swear I looked at just yesterday– and noticed that they’d added a bunch of new stock. My eyes went wide with delight. There are a ton of plants I would happily add to my next order (among them an adorable Hoya in a locally made planter that I just can’t get out of my head) but the thing that most caught my eye that I wish I’d ordered with my plants is this cool houseplant fertilizer. Their site also made me realize that I’m a big girl now and it might be time to buy a moisture meter for my fickle plants instead of just guessing and hoping. Also… they have bags of soil you can add on and I am running low. So… new plants more soil, win win.


2190 W Burnside St. Suite B
Portland, OR 97210 

(503) 224-9678
Intagram: @hammerandvine

PS: This is definitely one of the shops that, when everyone is vaccinated and the world regains some semblance of “normalcy” I want to visit. There’s something about it that just feels like a home away from home, even just visiting it online.

Photo by Evelyn Bertrand on Unsplash

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