*ding* you’ve got plant mail

As much as I love plants, and I do –I love them to death as I mentioned yesterday– part of the bringing this blog back to life is about experimenting with content creation, publishing, and content delivery. At the end of last year while chatting with friends they suggested that I would be the ideal person to create and voice some simple plant care and maintenance DIY videos. As a video blogger from way back in the day I find this idea to be both intriguing and terrifying. I know exactly how much work goes into producing video content and while I think it’s something I will probably get around to. Someday. I’m not ready for it now.

This post is unrelated to that….

But that idea really opened up a conversation about new types of content and delivery and I *think* it was my friend who said she would enjoy a plant newsletter. Just something that arrives in her inbox about plants. And I thought, yeah. I can do that. There is no structure to it yet, but I intend for this newsletter to go out weekly on Fridays. I’ll start next week if any of you have signed up. It’s still taking shape in my head but I expect it to be part link roundup of the cools plant posts and pics I’ve seen during the week accompanied by some of my own babble about what’s most interesting to me in the plant world.

I also promise to tell you if I get any new plants. That’s totally something I would want to know.

If you’re interested, sign up here!

Photo by Davide Baraldi on Unsplash

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